King of My Heart.

“When nothing’s going and it all falls apart, You’re good
When everything is going right, You’re still good.
You’re still good.
So, we will prophecy [this morning] into every situation
That You have never changed, and You never will.”
Father, I thank You that You are who You say you are. I thank You what I can sing out in confidence that You are good, and You’re never going to let me down. When everything is going wrong, I can run to You. 
“It’s not in Your nature to fall apart or fail.
It’s not in Your nature to let us down,
and you never will.
It’s not in Your nature to fail us, or fall apart, or end up in pieces.
You’ll never going to let us down.
Somebody needs confidence [this morning]
He’ll never let You down.
He’s been God a long time.
He knows what He’s doing. He knows what He’s doing in You.
When you can’t see it, when you don’t believe it, He knows.
He knows, and

– Alexis