This morning I was reading through my Bible, I realized how much of a trend it is lately as Christian women to have this beautiful, calligraphy-filled, whimsical relationship with the Lord, to talk about our troubles and weaknesses, and to be completely vulnerable. 

As I was reading through Psalm 8 & 104, it echoed Genesis 1, and I was in awe over how beautiful, and how whimsical and whatnot the Lord was portrayed. But suddenly I realized that more than anything, He’s POWERFUL! I’m made in His image, and for me, I’ve fallen so much into this emotional trap of wanting that beautiful relationship with Him that I see portrayed through other amazing women, and I’ve forsaken a part of myself. & As much as I love appreciating how beautiful the Lord is, the Lord convicted me this morning of having a mindset that thrives in weakness, instead of POWER. Now, don’t get me wrong, Istill LOOOOVE honoring the Lord through Bible journaling, painting, and all of the beautiful, girly things we use to express ourselves to the Lord, but I’m not this weak woman who can only thrive from being broken. It’s possible that I can be my loud self, and still be meek and humble. I’m not called to live from a place of gaining attention to the Lord through my brokenness. I’m called to operate as a powerful woman of God! 

So, here’s to women of God that can love Him beautifully, be vulnerable, AND operate out of POWER!