a plain & simple life.

“… a plain and simple life is a full life,” (Proverbs 13: 7b)


I recently moved home, and the best way that I can describe it is that everything is slow

…but, it’s not a bad thing. I enjoy slow.

I like the quiet of the mornings, and the afternoons kissed by dazzling sunsets.

I like the feeling of having something to do, but having nowhere to go where I have to rush.

That’s what it is! I like that I don’t have to rush. I feel like rest is attainable now.

It’s funny. Although I do not have kids, I do live with one (she’s 9), and I’m understanding the significance of small victories. I used to read captions about parents who were excited that their child only cried for 45 minutes instead of an hour, and wouldn’t stop to think twice about it. Although my sister never really cries, I now understand the significance in small victories.

It’s getting excited because there’s been a compromise in family conversations on what to buy at the grocery store.

It’s a clean room.

It’s getting to sleep in past 7 AM.

It’s monkey bread and orange juice at a neighbor’s for small group on Wednesday mornings.

It’s having the strength to pray.

It’s a renewed mind and the small moments of growth that shock even me.

While I do miss the “city” life of Birmingham, I want to soak up as much of the slower pace as possible before going back.

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