Seasons & Comparison.

SEASONS & COMPARISON// I was talking to a friend this morning & we were speaking about how God is moving. As we were talking, it kept coming up that comparison & wrong influence have settled on the hearts of believers, and that God really wants each of us to understand & embrace the seasons of life that we’re each in.

Ecclesiastes 3:1,2b tells us that, “there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…. a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted.” You may have a friend that’s in a highly prophetic season & they’re getting rhema words left & right. While you may be in a much more quiet season where the Lord is teaching His heart, and the confirming words are few and far between. Sometimes those quiet seasons are a little harder & the enemy will try to convince you don’t hear from God, and that you aren’t as significant. But we know that He’s the father of lies & that there is no truth in Him. (John 8:44) boy, BYE! 👋🏾!

The quiet season where the Lord is ministering to the heart is no less powerful than the one where someone’s getting prophetic words left & right. You may be in a season where He needs to teach the Father’s heart. They may be in a season where He needs to show the Father’s hand. Neither season is more important than the other. In fact, it helps to balance the other out. However, in a quiet season, if I’m looking at Sally’s life & how the Lord is speaking to her through dreams and visions, I’m going to miss Him speaking in that still, small voice.

So, you’re in a quiet, powerful season? Cool. Embrace it. Embrace the answers that are found when you seek His face & heart. You’re in a louder, prophetic season? Cool! Embrace it! Regardless, KNOW WHERE YOU ARE so that YOU KNOW when He speaks, & you’re in line & can move when He says to move.

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