testimony time

In May, I felt an urge to move home. I was confused because for months prior, I’d been in a process of the Lord prepping me to move to a part-time job. So, two months into my new job, I turned in a two weeks notice and moved home. I knew that the Lord really needed me to rest, and to take my hands off of a lot, but I was disappointed to be in a place where nothing made sense again. I kept thinking that I thought I was supposed to be in Birmingham, but I finally settled that if I were to be in Huntsville for the next few years to come, then I would do it with joy. As soon as I got to that place, the Lord started speaking to me about moving back…. (Really, I don’t think He ever stopped talking about Birmingham, but I probably needed to be at rest to hear Him above my need for control). 

At this point, my lease in Birmingham was up, my car still had no power steering (so I’m car-less), and I’d found my own replacement before leaving Birmingham so I also had no job. I told the Lord that I would move back, but I would need those three things: a car, a job, and a place to live. (I truly believe that we talk to the Holy Spirit as our friend, and it doesn’t come off as demands or ultimatums. He loves our levels of faith, and that we’ll believe Him for the impossible). I was sitting at my desk, and heard Him say said, “You will have everything you need before you move in.” I was scheduled to go on a mission trip, and I felt the Lord say that I wasn’t to come back home after my mission trip. Outside of coming back to get my stuff, I was to stay in Birmingham. In July, I went to Birmingham to visit & I went by my old job to see how they were. While I was there, the conversation came up of me moving back, and I was offered a full-time position. At first, I wanted to be excited, but I didn’t have a car or anywhere to live. But, I was appalled that I was offered a job, period! Especially since I’d just been praying about what I needed! I hadn’t even considered going back to my old job because I thought that that was done when I moved! That same week, I received two offers for a place to live. 

A week before my mission trip, the one I’d chosen fell through (which turned out to be a blessing because He needed to stretch me in the area of faith in my finances). I didn’t know what to do because the second option seemed too expensive for me. I remember thinking that I didn’t know if I could afford the rent because I wasn’t used to paying so much. I spoke with Jasmine (whose role I was taking), and she was amazing in assuring me that she knew how much I’d make and that I would be fine. I met my new roommate before going to Japan, and I said, “Okay, God! Let’s do this!” Idk what I thought was going to happen over the course of my mission trip, but I did not come home to a new car. I remember coming back and being so stressed. I was scheduled to go in for training the day after I got back, and I remember feeling so defeated. “Am I really moving to back to Birmingham? Nothing is lining up. God, am I sure I heard you correctly?” Mind you, at this point, Corporate still had not given me an official offer or an interview, for that matter, for my position. I am taking over a lease with no definite job, and I have no way to even get to and from the job I don’t have! The day after I returned from my trip, I went in for training. I remember thinking I was crazy because I still hadn’t spoken with anyone, let alone been hired! I also remember being extremely sleepy from jet lag, but while I was sitting in training, I received an email with an offer letter (whew! 😓Praise God!). I sat up from my half-sleep stupor and was suddenly WIDE AWAKE when I saw how much I was being offered in pay. I literally had to rub my eyes because I thought I was tripping! I’d already been told how much my pay was, but my offer letter was exceedingly, abundantly above that! 

That weekend, I went home & was even tempted to go back to my summer job (as a server) for a little extra money before moving, but I KEPT feeling in my Spirit to protect the promise. Don’t do anything that would partner with fear. So, without a lot of money, my mom and I packed her car and drive down to Birmingham. Lol! I knew she was worried about how stressed I was about not having a car! I was holding on to the last bit of faith I had because I didn’t know where this car was coming from… plus, we were already on the way! Too late to turn back now. 

We got to Birmingham, and somehow there was a hold up with my roommate meeting us at the apartment. So, my mom and I had to wait… lol! Which only made the reality sink in that maybe this was a crazy idea! 😭😂 “God, maybe it’s not too late! Maybe I can go home!” But He kept meeting me with, “Don’t partner with fear. You’ll have everything you need.” 

My roommate gets there and is telling us how she had been delayed at a dealership. I was confused because the car out front was definitely the same car she’d had when I met her before. She says, “Oh! Didn’t I tell you? I got a new job, and they’re giving me a company car! Oh, wait! You need a car, don’t you? You can just use mine.” 😫😫😫😫 (Haha! When I got a moment to myself, I definitely cried! 😭😂) I had everything I needed before we ever lifted a single finger to move in. (Also, rent has not been as issue, at all! Praise GOD!)

So, in whatever season of life you’re in, we can be those people who live from radical faith. God is faithful to confirm what He’s saying. Keep going! You’ve got this, and God’s got you! I pray that the Lord brings people & the right words across your path that will continue to encourage you in every area needed, that He silences the voices of opposition and that eyes are open to see people & things that aren’t good for you during this time! I also pray that He heals the place that fears the rug being pulled from under you (that place is hard.. trust me, I know). 

He’s FAITHFUL!!! He’s proven that time and time again! Be encouraged! 


Holy Spirit

For the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to the same podcast by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser called “Leaning into the Holy Spirit” (which I will happily put the link in my bio for anyone who wants to hear how glorious it is! It is SO GOOD!) Really, I love the way Melissa speaks about the Holy Spirit. I won’t give away too much, but I loved these two things she speaks about:

1. The tone of the Holy Spirit. Whenever people speak to her, she listens for the tone of the Father. A lot of times people project what they think God wants to say in a moment, but instead of it sounding like the Father, it sounds like pressure.

2. The importance of backing into Him. She tells a story of homeschooling her daughter & her daughter having an issue with phonics. Melissa suggests that they ask Holy Spirit for help, but her daughter says no. Melissa presses for a little while, but realizes that she’s getting nowhere. So, she does what she knows to do: She asks Holy Spirit for help, takes a few steps back and backs into Him while He says, “Wait.” A few moments later, her daughter starts crying, saying that she does need the Holy Spirit. All is well, and she zooms through the rest of her phonics lesson!

I truly believe that the most radical thing that we can do as Christians is to live all-in in fellowship with Holy Spirit. All of the giant leaps of faith are just byproducts of that relationship. Giant leaps of faith/big ministries/heavy followings with a poor attitude towards the Beatitudes indicates that we may desire the fame of being close to the Holy Spirit more than we actually desire being with the Holy Spirit.

We don’t have to live lives where we’re always afraid of the next step God is going to ask us to take. Friendship with the Holy Spirit always prepares us for the big steps. His friendship is not one sided, only getting to know Him. As much as He desires for us to know His heart, He wants to know ours. He wants to hear us express what we like. He wants to watch an episode of your favorite show with you. Invite Him into your real life.

This is the type of fellowship + Christian life that we’re called to.