testimony time pt. II

People who know me KNOW that the car struggle has been REAL for the last few years!!!

I’ve been using my roommate’s car, but this past week, the topic of a new car kept coming up in prayer, and I just decided to trust God and take a leap of faith. I decided to go with a specific lender, and I knew to go to a certain dealership, but for whatever reason I also felt a very specific pull towards a KIA. I was so confused because I wasn’t being led to a KIA dealership, but the Lord kept giving me a very specific word, “I’ve gone before you and made the crooked places straight.” My best friend and I went to the dealership yesterday morning, and while our sales rep was showing us cars, we round a corner and see a KIA Sportage. I automatically knew that it was the car I wanted! There were a few main specifics I had: 1. I wanted no down payment 2. I didn’t want a janky car! I’ve had enough to know a lemon! 3. I wanted affordable car payments!

The sales rep was so great, and he was able to get no money down but unfortunately, my payments would still be too high. So, I decided to leave. I left a tad bit baffled because I KNEW finding that KIA was no coincidence. I felt like Holy Spirit told me that although I couldn’t see it, I needed to be at that dealership for everything else to work out. I called my roommate (who works for GM), and she joined in the car buying process and even encouraged me to go to another dealership (which I usually would have been against). We went to look at one dealership, but ultimately I couldn’t stop thinking about that Kia Sportage. So, my roommate asked if I wanted to go to a KIA dealership.

We hit Trussville to go to Serra KIA. I got there, and the staff was great! I was told that because I didn’t want to do a down payment, that I would need to finance a new car so that rebates could be used as down payment. The manager came in and asked me what type of deal the previous dealership had offered. I told him, and he actually knew the sales rep who’d helped me before. We went through a few options of cars that were in my price budget (& a few hours), and after a while I was feeling so overwhelmed that I just wanted to leave. I didn’t feel defeated, just tired. That night before, I’d settled that regardless of how the day went, that I was a daughter & that I was loved, and that not getting a car didn’t mean that I was being punished by God.

I decided to leave the KIA dealership a little overwhelmed and with no car, but encouraged that I’d learned so much that day. As Lay and I are getting in the car, the sales manager comes out the front door to catch us and says, “Wait! I have a pre-owned Kia Sportage out front!” Lol! I was NOT trying to hear it, though! I was hungry and REH TA GO, but Lay was game! She slammed the car door, and went back in the dealership like she was buying a car! 😭😂😭😂 After a lot of swindling and dealing, it ended with $0 down, and payments that are affordable for me!

Y’all, how good is the Lord? He prepared EVERYTHING for me. He went before me and made the crooked places straight for ya girl!

– The night before He sent in people who told me the right questions to ask, and had them pray for me and check on me throughout the day.

– He told me to ask a friend to go with me. The SAME friend who spotted the Sportage when we got there and kept pushing for it. The SAME friend who went back when in the dealership when I was suffering from hanger and was reh ta go!

– My roommate (who is super knowledgeable in cars) was off of work early and was available to be there to help in moments when it could have gone bad!

– The manager of the Kia dealership knew the last sales rep who’d offered me $0 down, and I truly believe that that opened the door for me to have favor there.

– Our sales rep at KIA was SO fantastic! He was the sweetest man, and he just kept us entertained the entire time!

– Lastly, a small desire of my heart was that I always wanted a car that had a color that stood out among the crowd, and I got it (I’m an individual and so is my car! 😭😂)!

“The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,” (Rev. 19:10. If He did it for ya girl, He’ll do it for you too! I haven’t had a GOOD car in…. well, EVER! He’s restoring, Saints!

P.S. This was the EXACT car I wanted at the first dealership, color and all.